Meet The Man With 278 Piercings In His Penis

Though they were once seen as taboo, piercings and tattoos are starting to become more and more common. It's not unusual to see people walking around with an entire sleeve of tattoos or more than one piercing on their face. But here, one man takes the cake for the most pierced body parts on a human being. At 453 piercings, Rolf Buchholz has broken the male world record for having the most body parts adorned with metal. Shockingly, over 200 of those piercings are on his penis.

Record. A 58-year-old man from Germany has broken the world record for being the man with the most piercings. In total, Rolf Buchholz has 453 piercings on his face. But even more shocking, is the fact that 278 of those piercings are solely on his penis.

Looks. Buchholz also has other body modifications, like dozens of tattoos all over his body, stretched ears, and two giant horn implants that lie on his forehead. Unsurprisingly, Buchholz says not everyone is so keen on his looks, and he's even been denied into a few countries because people are afraid of him.

Black magic. "Those who escorted me back to the aeroplane said that it was because of the way I looked and that it was because I am black magic," Buchholz told the Sun UK. He says he was on his way to make an appearance at a club in Dubai, but wasn't allowed permission to enter the country